About us

About Borse

Digital Currency and Binary Trading

Borse is an oldest money exchange, progressed in the field of crypto currency by professionals specializing in "Digital Currency and Binary Trading". The company has been engaged in mining and trading of coins since last 4 years,

We want to offer our investors investment plans with real results and profits. Our company really guarantees the profitability of our investment plans and we pay daily and directly in your Bit coin Wallet or Payeer Account from anywhere in the world.

Borse Coin going to launch very soon coins which will provide another unique opportunity to multiply the profits by making wise Investments.

In Borse, you can withdraw your profit at any time, provided you have $10 or more in your "Account Balance". We provide fast withdrawal process to your Bit coin and Payeer account, the process takes from 5 minutes to 72 hours.