About Borse Coin



Borse Coin is a new crypto-currency utilizing economic theory and traditional block-chain infrastructure to provide a minimum guaranteed value for your money. Subscribe below to get the latest updates and be the first to know when we launch.

The entire digital world will see one of the most anticipated events when Borse Coin will launch in 2018 will be followed by listing at several exchanges.


Cryptocurrencies are governed by supply and demand, and are vulnerable to volatility in price should demand or supply ever change. Traditional cryptocurrencies lack a centralized agency like Borse Coin support system to maintain stable market prices and prevent price collapse. Because of this, it is not uncommon for prices to swing by as much as 30% in a matter of days


Without a central agency, traditional cryptocurrencies are unable to advertise themselves outside of word-of-mouth. Because Borse Coin support system represents Borse Coin as its central agency, we can market Borse Coin on your behalf and bring Borse Coin to the masses. This is a significant asset when over 70% of people don't know about Bitcoin. Furthermore, should you have any questions or concerns, Borse Coin support system will be there to assist you and help resolve any issues that you might have. Borse Coin support system stands by our users and works to deliver a product that is stable, easy to use and a viable alternative to conventional currency


Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Borse Coin support system employs fulltime developers to improve the usability of our products. This allows us to avoid issues that arise from open source projects like code organization and getting consensus when its time to adapt! Borse Coin support system employs published research scientists who specialize in various fields within Artificial Intelligence to bring the power of machine learning to Borse Coin. By using intelligent algorithms, Borse Coin support system can simulate market conditions and adapt the Reserve's investment distribution to make it more resilient to stress.



Mining operates similarly to normal cryptocurrencies with one major difference: A percentage of all newly mined coins are transferred automatically to Borse Coin support system.


Borse Coin support system then sells these Borse Coins that it collects from mining and invests the proceeds in a variety of other Cryptocurrencies, Index Funds and even gold. This way, if the price of any single asset dropped to 0, Borse Coin support system would still hold other assets of value.


This is approximately the total value of Reserve assets divided by the number of Borse Coins in circulation. Should market prices for Borse Coin ever fall below this base price, Borse Coin support system will offer to buy back any Borse Coins users wish to sell at a buyback price.


We stand to buy back Borse Coins at a percentage of the base price thereby effectively enforcing a price floor. This ensures that our users feel secure holding a Borse Coin and improves market confidence in Borse Coins.


  • • Let be a part of huge earning opportunity.
  • • Total amount of all premine Borse coin would be 21 crores.
  • • An introduction pre launching price of BORSE coin for our valued investor we offer pre launching price of just $ 0.16
  • • Borse Coin is expected to grow rapidly and to cross $10 by 1st years from the date of listing as per company’s planning.
  • • Borse coin will not only one of the crypto currency but also will be useful as cash currency for purchasing and shopping and even as assets.
  • • By participating in highly profitable Affiliate program, it gives a wonderful opportunity of earning instant huge income for everyone, as investment starts from just $10.